Web Design

Our talented team of project managers, web designers and web developers are specialists in the very unique field of website design. We combine creative talent with proven web development technologies to achieve outstanding results. All of our websites incorporate the latest Flash, CSS and XHTML techniques to ensure your website visitors have an engaging online experience.

For your online presence to leave a lasting impression, your website needs to exude credibility, professionalism and quality. We understand that in an arena saturated with billions of web pages, a well designed website is vitally important to marketing, building brand awareness and attracting prospective customers.

By investing time and effort into a website that projects your business as a leader in your field of expertise, you set yourself apart from the sea of competition and increase the likelihood of tapping into a broader online market. In today's competitive business environment, Customers are blessed with a variety of options. With so much competition around, it is absolutely essential that your business stands out from the crowd. A professional websites a great way of creating a point of difference and generating interest. We combine proven online strategies and design flare to create an engaging websites that provides your business with a competitive edge.

We realise that your website goes beyond an initial business launch or a short term promotion. It should be viewed as a long term business asset that forms the foundation of your brand identity and marketing strategy. For this reason, we build all of our websites with content management functionality. By empowering you with the tools to update and manage your website, we create a valuable online resource that provides Customers with access to up-to-date information.

If you would like more information on how we can help you effectively communicate your brand and promote your services through a professionally designed website, shoot us an email or give us call. We would love to hear about your project and share our ideas.

Flash Design and Development

We have invested a lot of time and effort in putting together a talented team of individuals with the ability to utilise Flash to its full potential. Whether it is designing a small widget or developing a portal used by millions daily, we look after every last detail. We ensure that each pixel is perfect and every single transition is seamless, creating the balance between technology and design without compromising performance.

Flash has evolved from a gimmicky animation technique to a sophisticated software platform that has paved the way for a whole new generation of engaging websites. We have always been strong advocates of Flash, recognising it ability to transform traditional applications into interactive solutions that combine rich media and dynamic content. If planned and executed correctly, Flash provides the perfect solution for a range of important online business applications:

  • Full Flash websites that may incorporate secure ecommerce, engaging animation, 3d renders, streaming video, music, content management functionality and external data feeds.

  • Flash movies and widgets to enrich HTML sites with a more interactive element.

  • Engaging banners to be used as the impetus for online marketing campaigns.

  • Interactive presentations to compliment speeches.

  • Custom business applications (EG survey systems, billing system, crm systems, streaming video platforms).

Logo Design and Corporate

Your company logo is arguably the single most important factor when it comes to building a recognizable brand and increasing Customer awareness. Many business owners make the fundamental mistake of hurrying their logo design in an effort to get their business off the ground. The logo design process should be given serious consideration during the strategic planning phase to ensure your final logo provides an accurate reflection of your core business values. Our custom logo design services start from $100.

Starting a business is often a very stressful and overwhelming process. With limited funds and resources, most business owners aim to reduce their initial start up costs. All too often, this results in an inferior logo that is slapped together with very little thought or consideration. From business cards and letterheads to invoices pads and marketing material, your logo design will dictate the style of your future brand identity. If you fail to design a logo that projects your business in the correct way, you will almost certainly go through the expensive and time consuming process of rethinking your entire corporate identity – a completely unnecessary and avoidable experience.

We make a big effort to understand your business from the ground up. By putting ourselves in your shoes and treating your business as our own, we are able to produce a unique brand identity that resonates with your target audience. You will be pleased to know that we strongly believe in engaging you throughout the design process. Although we encourage your involvement, we do not burden you with the details of the design strategy.

We distinguish ourselves from most of our competitors by placing a huge amount of emphasis on the initial design brief. To kick off the whole creative process, we arrange a 1-2 hour workshop that gives you the opportunity to work directly with your dedicated account manager and senior designer. We make your job of expressing your ideas a whole lot easier by providing you with access to a treasure trove of logo design resources that help you convey the different concepts you have in mind. Our logo design packages start from only $100 ex. GST - great value for a custom designed logo that will become the identity of your business for years to come!

Unlike the sea of online businesses polluting the web with the promise of logos for $99, we prefer to budget more than a single hour to your future brand identity. Under no circumstances do we outsource your branding to an offshore team that lack the experience and cultural knowledge needed to deliver a world class logo that appeals to your target market. In fact, we make a point to ensure a senior designer is involved in every logo project from beginning to end. This way you are assured you have a seasoned professional championing your future brand identity.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is setting up your website to rank well in the search engine results pages for key terms that are relevant to your business. Our SEO team prove why we are one the leading providers of SEO services. Our proven SEO techniques coupled with hard work and a never say die work ethic ensure we get your website maximum exposure and traffic.

As you are probably aware, the Internet has evolved into a crowded and competitive market place. Cementing your position at the top of the major search engines is the key to generating sales leads and building a sustainable competitive advantage. Our comprehensive SEO packages involve a process orientated approach to delivering measurable results. We employ researched strategies and proven techniques to ensure index ability and maximum visibility within search engines. Most importantly, we know how to turn your website into your hardest working sales rep through organic SEO.

In today's competitive environment there are an estimated 32 billion web pages. More and more consumers are turning to the Internet as their preferred method of researching and engaging suppliers. Search engine optimisation should be an essential part of your online strategy as it expands your target market to wider audience. A strong, ongoing SEO campaign will heighten your brand's visibility on the internet and generate a great return on investment.

When it comes to optimising your website, we adopt a no-nonsense approach. Before you make the decision to embark on a comprehensive SEO campaign, we take the time to assess your individual requirements and prepare cost benefit analysis for your review. In reality, a successful SEO strategy involves achieving a top five ranking for your targeted key word searches. As you may know, top ranking equate to valuable real estate. Once we have determined the competitiveness of your industry, we can formulate an implementation strategy to achieve the desired results. Part of our initial industry review, we conduct an assessment of the likely ROI. Certain products or services are more likely to convert into enquiries. Assuming all the evidence points towards increased sales, an organic SEO strategy may be often be the most efficient and cost effective means of achieving spectacular results.

There is no better way to demonstrate our SEO prowess than through actual case studies. We let our results speak for themselves. Each day over 1000 people visit our website as a direct result of our success in the search engines - chances are you found us through Google. In fact, over 75% of our new business is from Customers who have landed at our website through an online search (the other 25% is attributed to referrals from satisfied Customers of course). We understand just how important SEO is for our business, but more importantly, we know how to make it work for yours.

Custom Web Applications

Many business operators waste valuable time trying to fit a square peg in a round whole. With off the shelf software, you are locking yourself into package built for all businesses, not just your business. Although there are a variety of options on the market, very few products provide you with a customisable solution that is built in accordance with your individual requirements. By investing in a purpose built solution, you are streamlining your internal processes and routine operational tasks to create a more productive and profitable business.

When it comes to building a custom application, we make it our priority to understand your business as if it was our own. This allows us to leverage our expertise and experience in the software industry to implement a solution that will transform your business. Whether it is an online billing application for an accountant or a CRM package for an interior designer, we can create a custom application that handles your specific requirements:

  • CRM systems

  • Time and Billing applications

  • Event management systems

  • Online magazines and publishing software

  • Client retention software

  • Survey systems

  • Accounting packages

  • Online quoting systems

  • Financial calculators

  • Custom eCommerce systems

  • Insurance software (Online insurance policy system - public liability, motor vehicles insurance, income protection, funeral cover).

If you would like to discuss some of your ideas in more detail, we would be more than happy to share our advice and demonstrate some of our existing web applications.

Content Management System

The backbone of every Auro Inofotech website is CMS, our inhouse developed website Content Management System CMS platform. CMS is an SEO friendly publishing tool that puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you and your staff full control over the content displayed on your website.

CMS - take full control of your website's content.

CMS runs through your standard Internet browser and offers an intuitive, easy to use interface for managing all the content on your website.

Boasting an impressive range of standard and optional modules to meet your every need, CMS can be adapted to suit customers with those special or unique requirements.

Included in your monthly licensing fee is ongoing support, upgrades and website hosting.

Online Billing System

We have redefined the way Customers issue invoices and pay bills by combining all the tedious offline processes in a centralised web system. The scalable architecture of our web software, allows us to tailor the underlying functionality in accordance with your individual requirements.

  • Flexible payment options including, credit cards, cheque, account, bpay and PayPal.

  • Data security with automated replication and regular back ups.

  • Advanced reporting tools to provide a snapshot of performance. The explosive growth of broadband Internet has resulted in a dramatic shift to web based technology. Once confined to the realm of the boffins, the Internet has quickly infiltrated mainstream Australia by offering a convenient alternative to just about every aspect of everyday life. Whether it be reading the paper on SMH or paying a bill through Internet banking, more and more Customers are starting to take advantage of the web. Our online billing system provides your Customers with the option of paying their bills online. It also gives them access to a suite of helpful resources that make account management easy. From an operational standpoint, our online billing system free up your resources and reduces your accounts receivable by introducing a whole range of new features:

    • Managed and accessed through a browser based web portal.

    • Integrate directly with third party accounting packages.