Brochure Based Website

Over the past decade websites have evolved from a marketing gimmick to an an essential part of every business. More and more people are embracing the web as their first point of reference when evaluating the different suppliers. If you are looking to produce a cost effective website that builds credibility and projects your business as a market leader, we can help!

Unlike the more traditional forms of marketing, brochure based websites offer a number of added benefits that make them a particularly valuable:

  • Websites are capable of displaying more information than other advertising mediums

  • Web sites are not restricted to static content. Websites can integrate video and other interactive elements to create a more engaging experience for Customers

  • Websites are dynamic and easy to update

  • Websites are capable of targeting a wider global audience

  • Websites are accessible 24/7

  • Web sites can convey the spirit and energy of your business

  • Web sites provide Customers with the opportunity to review a business in the privacy of their own home or office

It is important to remember a poorly designed website can often do more harm than good. With that said, your business website needs to be a departure from the sea of thoughtless websites that pollute today's web market place. To achieve this, you need to work with a web design company that invests the time and effort into understanding your business objectives and requirements. If you are interested in learning more about how a brochure based website can change your business, we would love to hear from you!

ECommerce Websites

Our eCommerce websites make buying online simple and easy for your Customers. By combining an intuitive design interface with a feature packed E-Commerce engine, we convert online visitors into satisfied Customers. With 10 years of experience in the game and over 20 eCommerce websites under our belt, we have the expertise and technology to ensure your online store expands your target market to a wider online audience.

A successful E-Commerce website requires a lot of thought and planning. Before getting too caught up in the process of building an eCommerce website, we recommend you conduct some important preliminary research to determine the viability of an online selling model for your business:

  • Is there a market for your business online? Although there is a successful E-Commerce store for just about every type of business these days, there are certain types of products or services that are particularly conducive to online selling.

  • Are you price competitive? Although price isn't everything, many online buyers are adopting the attitude of "shop there buy here". They will review the different products or services through the traditional methods, but select their ultimate vendor online in an effort to find the most price competitive deal.

  • Do you have the resources and internal processes necessary to facilitate a successful online venture? Happy Customers equal repeat Customers and referrals. When it comes to Customer service and logistics, you need to ensure the Customer has a memorable experience. This means reliable distribution and professional Customer support.

  • Are you seriously committed to establishing a successful online store? Over 95% of online stores fail. Of the remaining 5%, very few make the transition from a fledgling shop to a thriving operation. Unfortunately many business operators are under the illusion that an eCommerce website offers a cheap and easy avenue for flogging off products while eliminating overheads - nothing could be further from the truth. If your E-Commerce strategy is not diligently planned and executed, it is unlikely to succeed.

  • With all that said, an E-Commerce website may be a lucrative and scalable opportunity for your business. Over the past 10 years we have been involved in producing E-Commerce website that have resulted in exponential growth for some of our Customers. By formulating a comprehensive strategy and delivering a world class solution, we have achieved online sales in the vicinity of $500 000 - $10 000 000. In certain instances, the website has developed into our client's most valuable asset. Because we have such conviction in our processes and methodologies, we are currently involved in a number of separate joint ventures with some our most promising Customers.

Classified Websites

Our classified module delivers a rich set of features to transform your website into an income earning asset. Add the power of an internet classified to your website with the integration of a complete advert listing system. Developed on a highly customisable platform, our classified website package is capable of being adapted to compliment any type of interface or brand identity. A variety of configuration options ensure the system can be tailored to accommodate your individual requirements.

Developed with search engines in mind, our classified website package is ideal for any type of business looking to reap the benefits of a successful online classified. Whether it is a real estate listing or an online classified for the automotive industry, our website package provides you with the ideal solution. By creating a dynamic classified feature, you introduce a whole new dimension of functionality through a self-sustained community portal. With all the benefits of our standard content management system, the classified module includes an intuitive management interface that allows your administrators to control every aspect of the system without requiring any technical experience.

  • Comprehensive advert management system

  • Integrated eCommerce for real time credit card processing (including PayPal)

  • Member administration section to update profiles and manage listings

  • The flexibility to offer free and paid listings

  • Customisable input fields for your listings

  • Search engine friendly system

  • Robust system architecture for optimum performance reliability (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Platform).

  • Ability to charge for subscriptions

  • Advanced searching and filtering

Interactive Flash Presentations

Let our creative team breathe life into your delivery with an engaging Flash slideshow. Whether it is a speech or a pitch, we can develop an animated Flash movie that summarises your key points in a captivating presentation format that resonates with your target audience. Create a point of difference and leave a lasting impression with an innovative presentation that inspires your audience.

All too often presenters get caught in the trap of relying on a tired old PowerPoint file as the basis of their presentation. Back in 1997, one may be forgiven for using clip art and primitive animation effects to create a gimmicky presentation. In today’s competitive business environment, a memorable presentation involves a more unique approach. Most presenters are challenged by a demanding audience with a limited attention span. You only get one opportunity to engage the audience's attention, so you need to make it count.

Our talented design team can work in close partnership with you to create a tailor made slide show that compliments your presentation. We make it our business to understand the subject matter in granular detail. This allows us to inject our creative flare into an animated Flash movie that conveys the underlying messages in the most engaging format. Using a combination of slick animation, video integration, stylish design, interactive charts and custom made graphic, we prepare comprehensive slideshow that builds an instant rapport with your audience.

All of our interactive Flash presentations can be transferred to a CD or USB drive for instant plug and play capability.

Our Flash presentations are perfect for:

  • Corporate presentations

  • Education seminars

  • Speeches and sales pitches

Online Magazines & Publications

We have developed a specialised website package that facilitates the publishing and management of online magazines. Our custom ezine software provides the perfect solution for any business looking to produce a scalable website that includes all the features of a printed magazine. By combining usable functionality with an engaging interface, we allow you to showcase your publication online.

The Internet allows magazine publishers to expand their readership to a wider global audience. Take advantage of the growing online market by reproducing your publication in an engaging online format. We have developed an industry leading content management platform that empowers you with all of the tools necessary to update and manage a successful online magazine.

  • Full content management over every aspect and section of the magazine

  • SEO friendly to ensure all of your articles are indexed by the major search engines

  • Ad management system with full banner tracking

  • XML output to syndicate your content on aggregator and third party websites

  • RSS integration to feature data feeds from external sources

  • Video management system to present streaming video content

  • Flash place holders to promote feature articles in an engaging format

  • User registration

  • Secure section for users to access protected content

  • Customisation features to increase text size and personalise the interface

  • Voting module that enables visitors to rate articles

Mobile Applications

Online Website Catalogues

Directory Websites

Website directories have emerged as one of the most successful online business tools. Classic examples like the Domain and Seek websites demonstrate how effective a well designed directory can be in generating a lucrative online user base. Our directory module provides the perfect platform for any business requiring a robust website solution. If you are looking to implement an online directory, our development team can work in close partnership with you to customise the functionality in accordance with your unique business requirements.

Our directory portal extends the functionality of your website by empowering you with full control over your listings. Through an intuitive backend interface you are able to manage your custom built directory with absolute ease. Create a valuable online asset by building an information rich directory that drives traffic to the websites of your Customers and sponsors.

A successful website directory is characterised by traffic volume. The ultimate goal is to establish an authoritative information resource that features prominently in the major search engine. Like all of our other website modules, what sets our directory apart from the sea of competition is our success in creating an SEO friendly package that achieves results. We have integrated the SEO technology from our core CMS platform into the directory module to ensure that the listings are easily indexed by the major search engine spiders. Building a successful directory requires a long term strategic approach. In order to generate revenue from the website, you need evidence demonstrating that your website has traction with a growing market. When it comes to a directory, website traffic is the only currency for securing online advertisers.

  • Unlimited directory listings

  • Ability to create multiple categories and sub categories

  • Advanced user administration with different permission classes

  • Integrated Flash gallery for displaying multiple photos

  • Secure login to restrict content to particular user group

  • Advanced voting system with a customisable score card

  • Complete content management

  • Secure payment gateway for accepting transactions

  • Banner tracking for generating advertising revenue

  • Ability to assign listings to alternate categories

  • Customisable properties for individual listings

  • Advanced search and filtering options

Event Management

We streamline the event planning and registration by eliminating the tedious administration process involved in managing an event. By automating event management with a content managed website, we reduce overhead costs and provide your users with a convenient means of registering online.

We can help you accelerate your productivity and eliminate management costs with a custom built event management website. Internal administration is the primary bottle neck that all businesses experience in organising and managing an event. To combat this problem, we have developed flexible web software that integrates seamlessly with your Auro Infotech website. Our project management team works closely with you to define the key project objectives and identify how our event management system can be tailored to automate the registration process and simplify administration.

  • Flexible registration forms that can be customised in accordance with an requirements

  • Complete management of event information

  • Automates the communication channel with Customers

  • Maximize attendance and registrations

  • Search engine friendly

  • Eliminates administration costs and frees up funds for marketing purposes

  • Capable of integrating with legacy systems or third party CRM software

  • Improved cash flow with real time credit card processing for bookings

  • Comprehensive reporting and measurement analysis

Content Management System

Online Billing System

We have redefined the way Customers issue invoices and pay bills by combining all the tedious offline processes in a centralised web system. The scalable architecture of our web software, allows us to tailor the underlying functionality in accordance with your individual requirements.

  • Flexible payment options including, credit cards, cheque, account, bpay and PayPal

  • Data security with automated replication and regular back ups

Advanced reporting tools to provide a snapshot of performanceThe explosive growth of broadband Internet has resulted in a dramatic shift to web based technology. Once confined to the realm of the boffins, the Internet has quickly infiltrated mainstream Australia by offering a convenient alternative to just about every aspect of everyday life. Whether it be reading the paper on SMH or paying a bill through Internet banking, more and more Customers are starting to take advantage of the web. Our online billing system provides your Customers with the option of paying their bills online. It also gives them access to a suite of helpful resources that make account management easy. From an operational standpoint, our online billing system free up your resources and reduces your accounts receivable by introducing a whole range of new features:

  • Managed and accessed through a browser based web portal

  • Integrate directly with third party accounting packages

Custom Applications